National Super Plus

All the services provided by Homeplus together with the following:
Medical Recovery - This includes transfer to a hospital near your home, should you be hospitalised away from your home area. In addition, if the only driver becomes ill away from home, a chauffeur will be provided todrive the car backIMG_4266.JPG.
Car Hire - The provision of car hire for up to 3 days following a breakdown, while the car is being repaired.
Alternative Travel - Reimbursement of the cost of travel by public transport for onward travel to destination when the car is being taken to the member’s home address (or local garage).
Message Handling - Passing on a telephone message to a friend or relative regarding any delay in travel, where caused by traffic problems, accident or breakdown.
Key Recovery - A special service to assist recovery of lost keys. Includes key fob with unique number and a Freepost address for return of the keys.
Superplus is only available for cars up to 12 years old.

Roadside Assistance

Recovery for breakdown nationwide

Recovery for Accident, Theft, Vandalism nationwide

Alternative Travel

Medical Recovery

IMG_4266.JPG Key Recovery

Overnight Hotel

Routes & Motoring advice

Advice on stolen & lost car keys

Message Handling

Relief Driver

Car Hire